Styling a Polo Shirt

Are you looking to give your wardrobe a refresh? Are looking for a something new… but classic? Perhaps a new layering piece for the start of Autumn, like a new crew?

We’re taking one of our favourite knitwear pieces and bringing it to the forefront in some new, unexpected ways you can style the classic crew neck sweater.

Are these simple sweaters still in style? Absolutely! Crew neck sweaters are up their on the list of classic menswear and an integral part of any wardrobe!

When it comes to style, silhouettes and proportions go in and out of style season upon season; oversized and loose fitting, to slim and form fitting and back again. So it can be helpful to have an insight into current ‘in styles’ but a classic crew sweater will never do you wrong and you won’t have to think too much about it.

The crew neck sweater is a timeless classic, not a seasonal trend.


Summer Styling A Crew Neck Sweater

As we are well into Summer, let’s start there. Layering for summer can be far from our minds when it’s especially hot, but you’ll be grateful of the extra layer when the temperature drops in the evening.

Crew Neck Sweater

Try adding a pop of colour to a white shirt and chino combo. A red crew neck jumper or green crew neck jumper are perfect to inject a bit of colour into your style!

If it’s too warm for trousers but you still want to look smart, a minimalist outfit consisting of a long sleeve sweater, shorts and classic white trainers make up essentials for any wardrobe.

And, if colour isn’t quite for you (though we are confident you’ll change your mind if you give it a go!), try a classic grey or pale blue to compliment the minimalist look.

This will take you from day to night, weekday to weekend!

Getting The Base Right

If it’s warm enough for shorts, it’s likely to be too toasty for a jumper. We advise wearing a simple white tee under to ensure nothing clashes. You might be tempted to go out without a crew to layer, but we know the British weather likes to keep us on our toes so it’s good to have bring it along for the ride!

For a lightweight layer that will give you the insulation you need check out our collection of merino wool crew neck jumpers.

Casual Is In

We have seen a lot of trends based around leisurewear recently, and if this is something which has caught your eye but big logos aren’t your bag, try a more refined take on athleisure by opting for a fine knit sweater with one of our lightweight jackets. Sporty and casual with a more elevated feel when paired with minimal pieces.

Rediscover Colour

Rediscovering colour has been our motto this season, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and try those brighter shades. However, we appreciate this isn’t for everyone and brights may not be for you. That’s not to say you wardrobe has to be bland. Tonal colours like beige and tans are great for warmer weather too. Pair with a patterned shirt to add warmth and fun!

With grey the mainstay in many a wardrobe, and the go to for a lot of men, the style possibilities are endless. Wear with a white shirt and neutral trousers for a stylish outfit on cooler evenings.

Combining different tones of blue is a great way to dress smart casually. It’s more laid back than darker colours but still gives a refined look for more formal events.

Mens Blazer

Let's Talk About Textures

As we transition into Autumn, layering similar tones will bring a premium finish to your still. We recommend combining neutral tones and the texture of your knit will add contrast against your trousers and jacket. Our range of tweed blazers are a great addition to your wardrobe, with the tweed contrasting beautifully with our knitwear.

Colour Is Not Just For Summer

Here we are again, not at all trying to push you into colour (ok, maybe slightly), but colour really isn’t just for spring and summer. Injecting it into your outfit can bring a whole new dimension to your look. Pairing with a navy blazer and neutral trousers gives you a muted canvas to make the sweater stand out.

You can wear colour without feeling over the top. Bold pieces like our wine chinos are perfect for toning down everyday wear. Simple, plain staple pieces like a black sweater and casual shoes automatically make bright colours feel more wearable.

Mixing colours is possible without clashing. Pairing tones of brown and burgundy with neutral shades gives a balanced looked which isn’t out of place.

Styling A Crew Neck For Those Formal Occasions

A neutral beige knit will brighten up darker suits and coats, yet being versatile enough to pair with your favourite jeans or chinos. Grab your tailored overcoat and layer over your crew neck knit for a classic cold weather look. You can elevate the style by adding one of our cashmere scarves for even more texture.

To upgrade your everyday suit add a bold crew neck knit to add a touch of personality to an otherwise bland outfit.

Winter Knitwear

Stylish But Warm

Keeping warm in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish!

We have a large range of coats that’ll keep you cosy and layer perfectly with your knitwear. For example, a Shetland jumpers will give you a look Tom Cruise would be proud of!

You’ll keep warm and dry but still earn style points, whether you’re walking the pups in the country or wading through the bustling crowds in the city.

For those really cold days, layer a crisp white shirt under a casual knit to smarten up a laidback look, even when paired with jeans.

It's In The Details

A simple outfit can be easily elevated with subtle details. A striped or checked shirt, with a moss crew and one of our classic men's quilted jackets aren’t daring choices individually, but combined, are a stylish way to introduce both colour and print to your autumn/winter outfit.

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