How To Style A Merino Wool Polo Shirt

How to style a merino wool polo shirt

It is that tricky time of year again when the weather can change in a few hours…chilly on your way to work in the morning but bright sunshine when you pop out at lunchtime. And with dress codes still up in the air post-Covid, are we sure what constitutes dressing smart anymore? 

Luckily, here at Alan Paine, we have the perfect piece of knitwear that can see you through these difficult times. You probably have a polo shirt in your wardrobe but a pure merino wool polo shirt is a sophisticated upgrade that will work with all manner of outfits.

Dressing Down A Merino Wool Polo Shirt

Casual styling of a men's merino wool shirt in purple with jeans

In its simplest form, you can wear with your favourite jeans and Chukka boots or sneakers for informal nights to the pub and not feel you are drawing attention to yourself. 

Alternatively, if you do all the buttons up and upgrade the jeans to slim, dark tailored trousers and polished Chelsea boots, you would not look out of place in a smart restaurant. 

This is a great outfit for when you are not sure of the formality of an event or venue as you will look as if you had made an effort. It is also smart enough to wear under a blazer or tweed jacket.

 A Merino wool polo shirt can also look great with a gilet, cardigan or even just a knit worn over the shoulders.

Soft Merino is comfortable to wear next to the skin but you can add a fresh white t-shirt underneath if you prefer. In fact, the Merino polo can actually be worn over shirts as a layering piece. They look great over oxford cotton button-down shirts or checked flannel shirts-pick out one of the colours in the check to match with your knit. You could even wear this with tailoring and if you become too warm, simply wear the knit over your shoulders. 

Dressing Up A Merino Wool Polo Shirt

The Merino wool polo shirt can also be layered with tailoring where you might normally expect a knitted cardigan or v-neck. They look great under a blazer with a shirt and tie. Simple knitted styles always complement this style but don’t be afraid of trying a colourful stripe.

A men's Merino wool polo shirt in charcoal, navy or black, as an alternative to a cotton shirt, adds a contemporary twist to a slim-fitted dark single-breasted suit. Wear with loafers and the attitude of a jazz-loving executive in the creative industries and you will wonder why you didn’t adopt this uniform years ago. 

Men's blue polo shirt with brown chinos

Again, it is absolutely perfect for when you are not sure of the formality. I you happen to feel over-dressed, just take your suit jacket off, unbutton your collar and roll your sleeves up. Or you may, as I suspect, quite enjoy being the best-dressed man in the room and revel in the admiring glances.