Collage of images showing historical images of Alan Paine's cricket sweater.
Stop Motion image featuring the history of the Alan Paine cricket sweater and current products in the collection.


It’s a rare thing when the fashion cognoscenti and sports people share a mutual appreciation of an item of clothing, but the iconic cricket sweater does just that.

The enduring cotton cable knit was more or less unheard of before our founder, William Paine, evolved it into a cricket sweater in the early twenties following the cultural surge in popularity towards classic British sports. Now a staple of every collection, the timeless sweater retains its traditional cable structure but is enhanced by contemporary colours and trims and an updated fit. 

Whether you choose to channel your inner athlete or embrace classic preppy style, the cricket sweater is here to stay for a long, long time to come.


This vee neck marvel is a natural partner for chinos. These classic, unfussy trousers allow you to dress your sweater up or down as you wish. Wear over a collared shirt for instant seasonal style or add a matching tie for poolside chic whatever the weather.

Model wearing the Alan Paine cricket sweater in colourway ecru with a claret trim.
Model wearing the Alan Paine cricket sweater in colourway ecru with a claret trim.


For an easy to pull off, more relaxed look, equally well suited to a beachside wander or early evening cocktails, pair your cricket slipover with your favourite shorts and polo. 


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Alan Paine cricket sweater showing all of the 5 colourways
Alan Paine cricket slipover showing all of the 4 colourways.
Description of the 4 cricket slipovers with shop now button.