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Tweed Outfit showing what tweed is

We don’t profess to be the experts in the athletics field, but we can profess to be the experts when it comes to tweed. So look no further and sit back as we give you the ultimate guide on tweed and how you can care for it. 

Game shooting season is nearly upon us and it is important to follow correct shooting etiquette. Ensure you have everything you need for the upcoming season with our 'what to wear' guide for game shooting.

Game Shooting Clothing
How to wear breeks

Breeks are an essential part of your shooting outfit, especially for a formal shoot. For those new to country sport, find out how to correctly wear a pair of breeks to ensure you look the part and to keep comfortable in the field.

A day shooting clays varies greatly from a formal shoot. Discover our head-to-toe clothing recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your day.

Gun used for clay pigeon shooting
Guide To Mid-Layers

Mid-layers, otherwise known as insulating layers, provide you with an extra layer of warmth for a range of occasions. See our full guide to mid-layers and find out which garments we recommend for when the temperature drops.

A special day for shooting enthusiasts, the Glorious Twelfth heralds the traditional start of the season in the UK.

Glorious Twelfth
Wear shooting socks correctly over breeks

Over or under breeks? Find out the correct way to wear shooting socks for both practicality and comfort.

Be inspired by our new collection of cricket sweaters which have evolved from our founder’s first creation, over 100 years ago.

The original cricket sweater
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