grouse in a field in range for the glorious twelfth

It’s almost upon us! The 12th day of August and the start of the infamous shooting season! Though you’re probably enjoying the longer days, still sipping a G&T or diving into a fine Pale Ale in the midsummer sun with covering your arms and legs in a tough and warming Combrook tweed far from your mind, it’s never too early to prepare!

Tweed is part of our staple diet, come rain, snow or shine we’re developing perfect, year-round outfits so when the Glorious Twelfth comes around, we’ve got only the best pieces to give you the best experience when you hit the moors, woods or even your local for that evening tipple!

So, sit back and lift that glass as we walk you through some of the do’s and possible (we don’t judge here) don’ts for the Glorious Twelfth and a simple guide to some of our favourite (and best sellers!) in the collection - and why we think they’re perfect for your days in the field!


The 12th of August, or the Glorious Twelfth as it’s more commonly referred to by shooting enthusiasts, heralds the traditional start of the red grouse shooting season in the United Kingdom.


Grouse shooting can be traced back to 1853 with the rise of its popularity most likely due to the improvements in railways making it easier for people to get to the moors. It has since dominated the upland moors in Scotland and northern England though grouse are also shot on moorland in England’s Peak District, Northern Ireland and Wales.

It became especially popular in the late Victorian era as a fashionable sport for the wealthy. Grouse shooting is now enjoyed by a much wider audience whilst still holding the reputation as the king of game birds.

Since game shooting is prohibited in England by law on Sundays, if the 12th falls on a Sunday, then the Glorious Twelfth is postponed to the 13th.


A shooting party normally consists of around 8-10 ‘Guns’ who stand in a line in butts. These are hides for shooting and screened by a wall or turf. Beaters drive the grouse towards the waiting Guns flushing the birds in the desired direction using flags or trained dogs. There is a strict code of conduct governing behaviour on the grouse moor for both safety and etiquette.


Typically, the weather may not always be glorious, although the start of the season can correspond with the warmest days of the year, so you need to ensure you are appropriately dressed to enjoy the thrill of the shoot whatever the weather conditions. Layering is often a sensible choice and remember that dark colours are favoured to avoid being easily spotted by the birds. It’s also advisable to check the dress code with your host in advance.

Tweed is the choice of traditionalists and the smart option, particularly on a formal shoot. Choose a pure wool men's tweed coat or women's tweed jacket with a water repellent outer which will not only keep you dry and comfortable in a downpour but will also give great breathability so you won’t get too hot on a warmer day. For more clement days a tweed shooting waistcoat or lighter weight technical tweed might be the more sensible choice.


Tweed outfit with shirt & tie for glorious twelfth



Our Combrook collection is a best seller every year, already flying off the shelves and it’s no wonder, comprising pure wool, soft handle tweeds tightly woven in a range of contemporary and classic colourways. The excitement levels at AP HQ are soaring with the release of our brand new colourway for AW22 - HEATH.

It’s in the details! Mixing contemporary with traditional, our Combrook heath collection has a stunning country heath green base with a subtle pink and red check running through, a striking lining and a faux suede collar.

A Coat For The Field

The Combrook coat is waterproof and breathable; keeping you warm, dry and comfy regardless of the weather - important, thanks to the ever changing British weather! It has pockets with plenty of room to store your cartridges (or dog treats for those all important recalls!), an adjustable back belt and windbreaker cuffs to stop the rain getting in!

The women’s Combrook is also available in Spruce and Lotus, with the Men’s available in Sage, Elm, Maple and new for AW22; Hawthorn.


Whilst most of us love our tweed suits to match on the peg, that isn’t the case for everyone! And hey, if you want to mix a Combrook hawthorn coat with some Rutland lichen breeks we respect your flair for fashion, but for those of you wanting to get the full look but are struggling with your colour combo’s, don’t panic.

It’s not just about the outerwear for us! We have a full range of jumpers, country shirts, socks and ties designed top complement all of our tweed, to fully equip you for your chosen field sport! Shop the full collection here: