Tweed blazer with crew neck jumper

In the past, a tweed blazer used to be a popular item worn purely for landed gentry or country types. Nowadays however, a tweed blazer is an iconic piece. A classic blazer is probably the most useful piece of tailoring a man can have in his wardrobe.

It can be worn formally instead of a traditional suit or dressed-down with jeans but, be warned, can also look quite dated with the wrong accessories. If, for example, your tie matches your pocket square, you are entering into Alan Partridge territory and the “dad jeans and jacket” with an open-neck shirt could give you a serious Jeremy Clarkson presenting Top Gear vibe.

If you wish to avoid these looks and present yourself as contemporary, comfortable and considered-read on.

Timeless and built to last, this garment is a versatile essential for any occasion where going casual just won't cut it. Today we take a closer look at how to wear a tweed blazer, and where you have the opportunity to level up your style.


Tweed and winter have gone hand-in-hand since the 18th century making this the best choice fabric to level up your look. Tweed is also excellent at repelling water too, making the fabric a great choice in wet weather.

Wear a tweed blazer over a shirt and V-neck jumper for a look that will help you retain body heat whilst guaranteeing to turn heads. One of our super-soft & insulating lambswool jumpers in a complementing colour will do the trick.

A shirt and jumper is commonplace underneath a blazer, however you run the risk of being one of the crowd. If you really want to stand out, switch the shirt and V-neck for a roll neck jumper. This will keep you warm whilst being a versatile option for most occasions.

V neck sweater under a tweed blazer for layered styling

For those very cold & frosty days, you may want to consider a winter coat or country jacket too.


Though tweed is a winter staple, it is always a handy option for those smart occasions in those spring & summer months – especially if you plan on staying out late into the night.

Tweed blazer with black polo shirt for a summer style

Many also wear a blazer as the formal statement piece at the start of a summer evening, then taking off as the event goes on.

Try wearing a tweed blazer over the top of a polo shirt for a smart-casual look. Team with a pair of jeans and boots to complete the ensemble.

A navy blazer gives you the option of a toned-down outfit, whilst you can go all out with a white, pink or red polo. The power is in your hands.

Alternatively, when the occasion calls for it, wear a lighter coloured blazer with a cotton shirt and tie. Formal shoes would be the obvious choice here, with a pair of trousers or dark jeans.

Whether you are attending a summer wedding, birthday, country event or formal meetup, a tweed blazer will never steer you wrong.


Whether you are heading to Cheltenham festival, a country fair or a wedding, wearing a tweed blazer is highly recommended. Completing your outfit with one is effortlessly stylish and ensures you look the part.

Wear with a smart shirt & tie to ensure you are formal enough, and combine this with a pair of trousers or even tweed trousers. Boots naturally complement your outfit here too. To look extra smart, we recommend wearing a waistcoat which then favours the blazer being unbuttoned. On a colder day, a jumper may suffice instead of the waistcoat.

Tweed blazer styled with country attire

Wearing a neck-tie is an obvious way of dressing up a blazer and a textured solid-coloured knit is both contemporary and classic. They are a good foil for bolder-patterned shirts and look striking worn with a plain colour.

Adding a waistcoat such as a merino vest always looks smart but any v-neck sweater will work for a pop of colour and can be worn elegantly draped over the shoulders should you feel a little too warm. But the tie is not the only way of looking smart


A navy tweed blazer is an iconic garment. It can be worn for business, casual and can be combined with a range of colours. Combine a navy blazer with a shirt for a business meeting – you may even adopt a waistcoat here too. This will elevate you from others wearing a standard suit.

A scarf or simple cravat tied at the neck shows you have made an effort and can instantly dress up a polo shirt or crew neck sweater. Tailored trousers in cotton or wool should fit well and sit perfectly upon your polished shoes. Don’t be afraid of adding a pop of colour with your socks but avoid being too matchy-matchy.

Wearing a blazer with jeans is a simple way of dressing down your blazer (or dressing up your jeans) but not your only option-consider cotton trousers with suede loafers for a more sophisticated dress-down look.

Navy tweed blazer styling with crew neck

A simple cotton pique polo shirt always looks fresh and is great way of adding colour. If you prefer a long-sleeve shirt, fold the cuffs back at the end and leave 1-2 buttons undone on your blazer sleeve.

This is a both informal and a subtle indicator of the quality of your tailoring. A cotton sweater adds a layer of warmth when the weather cools and is great for adding colour and texture. Don’t be afraid accessories-a pocket square in the chest pocket or a coloured belt will elevate your off-duty looks.

Sometimes simplicity is key and the subtle combination of a dark blue polo shirt with a navy blazer can be very effective. This is a great look for informal evening events when you need to look your best without trying too hard-it is also quite slimming, especially when paired with dark narrow-legged trousers.

Navy compliments a range of colours so you’ll never be short of variations. A black polo or jumper can tone down your outfit for formal events, whilst brighter colours are great for those feeling adventurous.


One of the most prevalent ways to wear a tweed blazer is to wear with a full tweed outfit - whether for country pursuits or elsewhere.

A full tweed outfit is a very polished look and recommended for a country wedding or formal shoot in the field.

Colder days will call for a tweed waistcoat that also work as an extra smart layer for events such as weddings.

A checked country style shirt compliments the formality of the outfit whilst we advise a tie in an eye-catching colour to really make the outfit ‘pop’.

When unsure of how formal an event will be, err on the smart side-ties can always be removed and shirts can be unbuttoned.

Men's tweed blazer worn with whole tweed outfit.


Wearing a tweed blazer can really elevate your appearance for so many occasions and can be paired with plenty of combinations to make the most out of the garment.

Once you are confident with a few outfits, do not be afraid to mix them up a bit, combining elements of casual and formal pieces. Just avoid the Alan Partridge look…