shooting socks worn correctly as part of shooting etiquette


Shooting socks over or under (outside or inside) the cuffs of your breeks, plus twos or fours? Debate continues to rage in shooting circles, yet does it really matter and what is the correct shooting etiquette when wearing shooting socks?


Traditionalists favour wearing shooting socks over the breeks, even if the breeks have a buckle or Velcro strap, pulling the sock over the bottom of the breek up to the knee with the sock folded back down on itself. If you’re wearing a garter, which is advisable, this should be tied neatly to create a snug join before turning over the top of the sock.

You should see several inches of garter tassel outside the sock. Make sure your breeks are loose enough to stop them pulling away from your socks and riding up when bending your knee.

Even to the uninitiated, it seems sensible to wear socks over breeks to help prevent the cuffs from riding up, with the garter keeping the sock in place. So, does it matter if you choose to wear your shooting socks under your breeks because, surely, the main priority when you’re out in the field is to feel comfortable, warm and dry?

Plus twos and plus fours are cut with extra fabric designed to be folded down over the cuff with the extra material providing additional protection from the wind and rain so, especially with the longer plus fours, there is an argument for socks under.

At the end of the day, shooting socks provide comfort and warmth whilst you are in the field regardless of the conflicting views. They can have a contrast-colour top or a vibrant pattern. Many Guns choose fancy, bold colours to add a welcome splash of bright colour to their shooting attire.

Shooting attire showing correct shooting socks positioning


1. Put shooting socks on pulling right up over the cuffs of the breeks.

2. Tie the garter above the buckle or strap of the breeks just under the knee, with the knot on the outer side of your leg.

3. Turn the socks down over the garter so you can just see several inches of the garter tassel.