Green tweed outfit in the countryside showing what tweed is

We don’t profess to be the experts in the athletics field, but we do know a thing or two about country living and field sports.

In fact, let’s push British modesty aside for a second; we can profess to be the experts when it comes to tweed. So look no further and sit back as we give you the ultimate guide on tweed and how you can care for it.

In country fashion, tweed has been a wardrobe staple since the 1800’s. It has quite literally stood the test of time. Timeless and built to last a lifetime when cared for properly. It’s warm and waterproof.

What Is Tweed?

Today, tweed is a quintessentially British fabric, used to add style and class to almost any outfit. Made from tightly woven dyed wool, it is available in a range of weights, weaves and colours.

ladies double-breasted tweed coat
Tweed was originally invented by British farmers in the 18th century and was designed to keep them warm and dry throughout the harsh winters. It didn’t take long for the British aristocracy to use this during fabric for their estate staff’s uniform.
Though, unlike our amazing colour ways, it was originally patternless (unbelievable ‘ey?!), but as demand increased pattern options were available and the gentry were able to commission a piece of cloth especially for their estate.
Fast forward to the 1840’s and the production of tweed had improved more so, and the aristocracy was learning of the fabrics versatile and weather resistant quality.
It then became the fabric of choice for fishermen and hunters as they also realised it worked as camouflage in the field, gradually leading to the fabric we know and love today.

What Are The Different Types Of Tweed?

Each pattern creates an individual and distinctive effect, so if you’re looking for the best tweed for you it’s helpful to understand the differences.

  • Twill tweed is the simplest - with a diagonal pattern running through it.
  • Overcheck tweed is a twill weave which has been overlaid with a large check in a contrasting colour.
  • Herringbone tweed features an extremely intricate patters which closely resembles fish bones (if the name didn’t already give that away!).
  • Striped and checked tweed.
  • Estate tweed is usually (but not always!) a herringbone weave, overlaid with a checked pattern.
  • A Barleycorn tweed is comprised of a course weave which when looked at closely, resembles barley kernels.
  • Houndstooth tweed, and yes you’ve guessed it - it’s name comes from the resemblance to the black teeth of a dog!
  • Plain tweed. Bold stripes of varying widths can be seen on the plain tweed, similar to tartan.


We have our own range of high quality tweeds, to match your style and chosen pursuit.

- Combrook; Our best-selling Combrook collection comprises pure wool and soft handle tweed tightly woven especially for us, using a range of twisted coloured yarns which created the stunning contemporary and classic colour ways, suitable for any occasion!

- Rutland; Our most robust tweed! The Rutland collection offers a range of stylish yet functional products, specially designed to be extremely hard-wearing and durable. Including a dedicated selection especially for children, we have expertly crafted functional tweed for the whole family! It’s perfect for gamekeepers and beaters and of your favourite country pursuits!

- Surrey; Our Surrey tweed is a limited edition collection of finely tailored men's and women’s classic tweed garments suitable for a number of your favourite British country pursuits... Or any of your social events!

Looking After Your Tweed


When it comes to deeper cleans, tweed isn’t like other materials and you certainly don’t want to do anything to damage these classic wardrobe staples! Follow these steps to keep your favourite pieces looking sharp:

Durable and robust are terms you will have heard us using to describe our tweed, and it really is. HOWEVER, unfortunately, like most things in life it’s not completely indestructible, so caring for your tweed correctly is really important to ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

After those wet days in the field it’s important to allow all of your tweed clothing to air fully. This enables any trapped moisture to escape.

When it comes to deeper cleans, tweed isn’t like other materials and you certainly don’t want to do anything to damage these classic wardrobe staples! All of our wool and wool blend tweed clothing is recommended for dry cleaning only. 

Our 100% cotton twill Axford tweed effect clothing is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Men's tweed blazer with whole formal outfit.

Caring for your tweed properly will ensure you look your best whenever you decide to wear it. From those days in the field to a stroll to the local on a warm summers day!