Waterproof coats are a reliable mainstay to your winter wardrobe and essential when exploring the great British countryside. Due to the reliance on these outerwear pieces, overtime they can become dirty and in need of a refresh with a proper clean.

All waterproof clothing has a water repellent treatment applied to the outer, though the treatment has more recently changed to reduce its environmental impact. Cleaning your coat correctly will make a huge difference to how it looks, feels when wearing and its and ability to last.

Our easy care guide will help you to keep your waterproof coat in tip top condition and look as good as new!


The performance of waterproof garments is in its ability to repel water and enable water within to escape. Overtime though, as water begins to soak into the outer layers of the fabric it becomes dirty and can begin to lose some of its quality if not treated correctly.

The inner membrane will continue to ensure the garment stays waterproof, but it won’t be able to allow perspiration to escape and so it will feel damp inside.

No need to panic though! You can easily clean and restore your clothing’s waterproof capabilities. However, you should never use ordinary detergent as the chemicals can break down the composition of the fibres in every wash, stripping the waterproof element off its coating.


The key to keeping your favourite coat in good shape is to clean it correctly, ensuring you preserve the waterproof outer. Here are our top tips for washing the coats by hand:

Men's Waterproof Coat

1. Before washing brush away and dirt from your coat.

2. Fill a sink or large bowl with cool water and a gentle detergent that won’t harm the fibres.

3. Gently submerge the coat and clean with your hands.

4. Rinse thoroughly, lift out of the soapy water and never wring your coat. Simply squeeze out the excess moisture.

5. Refill sink with cool clean water and rinse, you may need to do this several times to remove all of the soap and dirt.

6. Once clean, hang and allow to air-dry, never put directly on a heat source such as a radiator. Any wrinkles should fall out as it dries.

For a lighter clean you can spot clean by using a damp, clean cloth over the affect areas, which is most effective if the dirt hasn't dried into the garment already. For washing tweed garments please see our blog explaining how to take care of tweed.

Hand washing a coat is always the safest, especially if you don't have care instructions available. Here at Alan Paine, we have a range of machine washable coats that are easy-care and can be thrown into the washing machine. This makes it much easier to keep clean. As always, for more info always check the care label on the inside of the coat.


Here are the care instructions for washing your waterproof coat in the washing machine, if your coat is able to be cleaned this way:

1. Before washing, ensure you have brushed any loose mud or dirt and close any zips or flaps.

2. Clear the detergent department of your washing machine and make sure it’s clean (you could run it on an empty wash to clear any residues from detergent or softeners).

3. If you have a special waterproof cleaner put the correct measurement into the detergent compartment.

4. Once your coat is ready, pop it into the drum with no other items.

5. Run a full wash and rinse cycle at no more than 30 degrees, but ensure you have checked each items care label as temperature can vary.

6. Once your cycle has completed, hand the coat somewhere to air dry.

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When it comes time to wash your waterproof coat, check the care instructions on your label and follow either of the steps above to keep your coat in good condition. If over time you notice the fabric of your coat start to absorb rather than repel water it may be time to reproof your coat.