How To Wash Cashmere

cashmere zip jumper in grey

Though cashmere is a soft and luxurious it is avery strong and durable fibre and not as delicate as some imagine. It is anatural fibre which has been exposed to extreme temperatures, which thenbecomes very adaptable and hardwearing when made into cashmere garments. Whenyou have invested in a cashmere garment you need to care for it to keep itlooking new. 


Yes, you can wash your cashmere.  Hand washing is preferred but some washing machines have a delicate cycle, which you can use if you use a cashmere shampoo.  Do not use fabric softener as it can cause pilling. Always remember, you must make sure the temperature is a maximum of 30 degrees!


Hand washing your cashmere might seem like a chore, but it’s actually very simple.  Simply use lukewarm or cold water with a teaspoon of cashmere shampoo and gently squeeze your garment until it’s clean. 

cashmere jumper stack


Laying your cashmere flat in an airing cupboard or on a flat surface for 24 hours is the best way to dry your garment. If it has been hand washed it might be beneficial to roll in a clean, dry towel first to soak up any of the excess water.

You must never place your cashmere items into a tumble dryer and do not hang on a washing line as the fabric will be at risk of stretching. 


We do not recommend you iron your cashmere clothing. For the safest and best finish, steaming cashmere is preferable as ironing can flatten the natural pile of the yarns and pull it out of shape. 

Holding a steam iron over your cashmere (without pressing down) will remove creases quickly and is the best alternative to a steamer. Using a cashmere spray can keep your garment fresh between washes, the sprays are also designed to naturally repel moths and other bugs. 

If cared for correctly cashmere clothing will last as long as you do! Follow these instructions to keep your cashmere looking as good as new. Here at Alan Paine, we have a wide variety of fully-fashioned & hand-finished cashmere jumpers all made from 100% luxurious cashmere.