clothing rail with jumpers hanging to dry after having been washed correctly

Looked after properly, your Alan Paine jumper will last you for many seasons to come. In fact, to extend the life of all of your beloved knitwear, it should be washed with care.

Always follow the washing instructions in your jumper. These will vary according to the wool type. Never expose your knitwear to direct heat as this will lead to shrinking and, remember, never tumble dry unless care instructions indicate otherwise.

How To Wash A Wool Jumper In The Washing Machine

If the wash care label says that you can machine wash your wool jumper, then it means it can safely be machine washed in a washing machine without shrinkage taking place.

1. Turn your jumper inside out, or use a laundry bag.

2. Preferably use a wool detergent.

3. Set your cycle to the wool setting. If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, then use the cold-water wash or wash cycle for delicates.

How To Hand Wash Jumpers

1. If you’re washing more than one jumper, make sure you separate them by colour to avoid the dark colours bleeding i.e., light colours and dark colours.

2. Turn the jumper inside out to minimise friction on face side. If you’re washing a cardigan, help it to keep its shape by buttoning it before washing.

3. Fill a clean sink with lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of a mild or specific wool detergent to the water, or as instructions advise with detergent. If you’re washing more than one jumper, or if it’s a particularly thick jumper, you may want to add slightly more detergent.

4. Submerge the jumper in the water and gently swirl it around in the water for several minutes making sure you don’t pull or rub the fabric together.

5. Leave to soak for 5 minutes, depending how dirty it is, occasionally swirling it round.

6. Remove the jumper from the water. Holding it over the sink, squeeze it very gently consistently to remove most of the excess water. Do not twist it to wring it out.

7. Discard the soapy water and refill the sink with clean, tepid water. Place the jumper in the clean water and gently rinse the suds out. Repeat with clean water until the detergent is gone. Do not put it directly under running water as the pressure will cause the sweater to stretch.

8. After gently squeezing out the excess water roll the jumper in a clean towel to start to dry. Lay the clean towel on a flat surface and slowly roll the towel with the jumper inside so it absorbs some of the water. If possible, use a white towel to prevent any dye transfer from towel to jumper.

9. Using your hand, gently reshape the jumper making sure the sleeves are extended and leave again on a dry towel and flat surface (or a drying rack), avoiding direct sunlight or heat. Never hang wet knitwear as the weight of the water will drag it out of shape.

10. When the jumper is dry, if there’s any wrinkles, gently steam it or lightly press with an iron on the wool or lowest temperature setting.

Cashmere jumper with roll neck


Most care labels will advocate dry cleaning as the best way to clean your prized Cashmere knitwear but, done with care, a gentle hand wash will be fine. The use of harsh chemicals by dry cleaners can sometimes affect the delicate yarn, especially with frequent use.

Only wash Cashmere when necessary. Cashmere is breathable and, unless you spill anything down it, you can hang it up to air and wear again.

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Unless your Lambswool jumper has been treated so it can be safely machine washed, always wash your Lambswool knitwear by hand. Lambswool is naturally soft, smooth and elastic and its soft handle will be maintained only by hand washing or if it has been treated so it can be machine washed.


Our Merino Wool jumpers are Total Easy Care which means the care of the knitted products is maintained with the minimum of fuss.

However, care should still be taken when machine washing ensuring that you are washing at the correct temperature and always adhering to the washing instructions on the garment care label.

A milder washing liquid is also a good idea.

merino wool polo shirt


Cotton is one of the more robust yarns and can usually cope with a gentle machine wash, however, always make sure you check the wash care instructions first. Opt for a 30 degrees wash and a gentle spin and always dry your knitwear flat.

How Often Should You Wash Your Knitwear?

The great thing about wool jumpers is that you don’t have to wash them as often as knitwear made from synthetic fibres. Wool does not stain easily and does not easily absorb aromas, making it ideal for multiple wears.